About Benchmarking

About Us

Benchmarking Revolution Pvt Ltd (“Benchmarking”) aims at providing readymade Benchmarking Reports [analysis of companies operating in the same industry] for various industries, which can be used in Transfer Pricing reports or planning. The types of benchmarking reports required are industry wise benchmarking reports, royalty- benchmarking reports and interest rate benchmarking reports.

The benchmarking reports are going to be provided for India as well as various industries in Asia Pacific, European and US regions.

  • Benchmarking reports for India will be prepared using well-known software’s used in India;
  • Benchmarking reports for Asia Pacific, European and US regions are prepared using well-known software’s used in the particular region.

[Connect with us to know more details about software used on info@benchmarking.co.in]

The benchmarking reports can further be customized as per user’s needs. Users just have to fill up the form in the website and provide us certain information which is very minimal and they will receive the customised benchmarking reports in committed time.

We have associate offices in UK And UAE.

What are the benefits?

  • Our data is fully compliant with the Indian Transfer Pricing Regulations along with OECD Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (‘BEPS’) requirements;
  • You will receive detailed, manually prepared summaries of Accept-reject matrix and comparability factors.
  • Our data is fully analyzed, clean, structured and manually prepared for each report.
  • All information is provided in PDF documents.
  • The data is continually improving through constant usage, double-checking and new information.

What is included in the Benchmarking reports?

The Benchmarking reports will consist of comparable results that contain manually gathered and analyzed data, so each report is a result of deep and thorough analysis. Each report is supplemented with detailed search write-up, Accept reject matrix, comparable companies margin workings from the respective database and other types of documents, from which the data is gathered.

All the information contained within the Benchmarking database is fully compliant with the latest Indian Transfer Pricing Regulations along with OECD BEPS guidance on the transfer pricing. This compliance has been achieved through the close monitoring of relevant changes to discussion in relevant drafts of the BEPS Action point reports over several years. As a result, every benchmarking report contained in our database has been manually analyzed by our team, according to the comparability criteria of comparables.

How will working with Benchmarking save you time?

One of the main advantages of Benchmarking is that the data does not require additional work from your side. During the database compilation process, we do quantitative as well as qualitative analysis as per Indian Transfer Pricing Regulations along with OECD BEPS requirements that have already been analyzed, and double-checking them for quality, so that the readymade results can be included in your transfer pricing reports.